To and fro… (at UF Communicore)

Treaty Oak. Jacksonville, Florida. Pentax 645, 55mm f2.8, Ilford HP5+

All packed…. Surely this is not excessive…. #Film & #digital mix bag for a personal shoot tomorrow. For the curious starting from the top: 2- #Canon 5D mkII, 35 f1.4L, P645 120 Film insert, 2- 580 EX, 50 f1.2L, 85 f1.2L, #Pentax 645N with 75 f2.8 LS, #Mamiya RZ #Polaroid Back, Pentax 200 f4, 2- P645 120 Film Insert, 2- Mamiya RZ67 120 Back, Pentax 150 f3.5, Pentax 55 f2.8, Mamiya 180 f4.5, Mamiya RZ67 with 110 f2.8. All housed in the stellar #ThinkTank Airport Accelerator. Not shown that will also go into the bag are some #Kodak 120 #Portra and #Ektar and #Fuji #FP-100c.

A quick pan around our small work studio. Just completed construction and awaiting some furnishings along with a few studio related bits. Setting up today for some editorial portraits.

Little Jake Mitchell at Bo Diddley Plaza, Gainesville, Florida. Pentax 645 150mm f3.5 Kodak Portra 400 

Rainy St. Patrick’s Day. Savannah, Ga. Pentax 645, 75mm f2.8 LS, Lomography 400

Just want to introduce everyone to the latest edition to our family…. (at UF Communicore)

Our dedicated film mini-fridge…. Tis almost full… I told Leah that I need the bigger one……

Just picked up our nifty #JapanCameraHunter 120 film holders. #film #photography #jch #mediumformat #120mm (at US Post Office)

Flea Market, Waldo, Florida. Pentax645, 75mm f2.8 LS, Lomo 400

fenced. Mamiya RZ67, 110mm f2.8, Fujifilm FP-100c.

Film noir photo-play. Mamiya RZ67, 110mm f2.8, Fujifilm FP-3000b. 

After a months long wait our #Lomography LomoChrome 120 film has finally arrived.

A bridge crossed. Twice. Somewhere in Central Florida whose name I can not recall. Mamiya RZ67, 110mm f2.8, Fujichrome Astia.