My weekend/personal shooting bag. Strictly film and these days just medium format.

Starting from the top:

ThinkTank Retrospective 30 (a gift from my lovely wife) - this is an awesome bag. I have been a fan of ThinkTank bags for quite some time, discrete but holds everything my shoulders and back can carry.

Google Nexus 5 32GB - Great phone, plus since I am a bit of a tech geek it is very easy to tinker with. Currently running Slim Rom 4.4.4 v.7.0 Stable


Retro 1951- Business card case

Pentax 120/220 Film Holders - 220 holders have been converted to 120 compatibility.

Pentax 200mm f4 - Very sharp medium telephoto comparable to a 125mm lens in 35mm format. 

Pentax 150mm f3.5 - Superb portrait lens comparable to a 90mm lens in 35mm format.

Pentax Body/Rear Lens Cap

Japan Camera Hunter 120 Film Holder - These JCH film holders are awesome. I need to order a couple more.

Film - Ilford Pan F, Hp5 +, Kodak Extar 100 and Portra 400 are what I am mainly shooting these days. B&W is developed at home and color goes to Harmon’s Photo here in Gainesville for development.

Pentax 645N with Pentax 55mm f2.8 - This is the newer of the two bodies and is capable of auto focus. I usually keep this paired with the stellar Pentax 55mm as it is comparable to a 35mm lens when compared to the 35mm format and that suits my way of shooting best. 

Pentax 645 with Pentax 75mm f2.8 LS - My older manual focus only P645. This body is usually paired with the 150mm but for the photo I left on the 75mm LS. The 75mm LS is one of two leaf shutter lenses that Pentax made available for the P645 System. Unlike the Mamiya’s the Pentax system utilized a focal plane shutter in the camera body much like 35mm and current DSLR cameras. This meant that with the Pentax 645 system you were constrained with a slow flash sync speed unless you opted for one of the leaf shutter lenses which allowed flash sync up to 1/500th of a second. I have found that this particular lens is very sharp. 

Sekonic L308B -  My trusty incident/flash meter. The light metering systems in both the Pentax’s have been very reliable but I do find that for shooting B&W using an incident meter to be a bit better. Also when I am shooting flash, you just have to have one. 

Google Nexus 7 LTE (2013) - A great tablet, I much prefer this to my work issued iPad. Better size plus I am not a fan of iOS.

To and fro… (at UF Communicore)

Treaty Oak. Jacksonville, Florida. Pentax 645, 55mm f2.8, Ilford HP5+

All packed…. Surely this is not excessive…. #Film & #digital mix bag for a personal shoot tomorrow. For the curious starting from the top: 2- #Canon 5D mkII, 35 f1.4L, P645 120 Film insert, 2- 580 EX, 50 f1.2L, 85 f1.2L, #Pentax 645N with 75 f2.8 LS, #Mamiya RZ #Polaroid Back, Pentax 200 f4, 2- P645 120 Film Insert, 2- Mamiya RZ67 120 Back, Pentax 150 f3.5, Pentax 55 f2.8, Mamiya 180 f4.5, Mamiya RZ67 with 110 f2.8. All housed in the stellar #ThinkTank Airport Accelerator. Not shown that will also go into the bag are some #Kodak 120 #Portra and #Ektar and #Fuji #FP-100c.

A quick pan around our small work studio. Just completed construction and awaiting some furnishings along with a few studio related bits. Setting up today for some editorial portraits.

Little Jake Mitchell at Bo Diddley Plaza, Gainesville, Florida. Pentax 645 150mm f3.5 Kodak Portra 400 

Rainy St. Patrick’s Day. Savannah, Ga. Pentax 645, 75mm f2.8 LS, Lomography 400

Just want to introduce everyone to the latest edition to our family…. (at UF Communicore)

Our dedicated film mini-fridge…. Tis almost full… I told Leah that I need the bigger one……

Just picked up our nifty #JapanCameraHunter 120 film holders. #film #photography #jch #mediumformat #120mm (at US Post Office)

Flea Market, Waldo, Florida. Pentax645, 75mm f2.8 LS, Lomo 400

fenced. Mamiya RZ67, 110mm f2.8, Fujifilm FP-100c.

Film noir photo-play. Mamiya RZ67, 110mm f2.8, Fujifilm FP-3000b. 

After a months long wait our #Lomography LomoChrome 120 film has finally arrived.